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Tobe Johnson

Tobe is the host of Strange Brau Radio. A home to paranormal/conspiracy-oriented witness interviews, authors, experiencers & location investigations. He is also a co-producer for the 2022 documentary FLASH OF BEAUTY.

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Andy McGrath

Andy has been researching unknown creatures living right under our noses for over 25 years.

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Mike Quast

Mike has traveled extensively throughout Minnesota, seeking out and investigating Bigfoot reports and exploring wilderness areas in a physical search for the creatures.

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Praise for Sasquatch Central

... Mike put in the time and effort to understand the complexities of the varying personalities of the individuals frequenting this site... I would highly recommend it.


... I read it three times through already. Looking forward to more.

Mary Jo

I couldn't put this book down... Its raw and real.


Sasquatch Central

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