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Preorder - The Adventures of a Sketch Diary

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What if fairies, angels, and mythic beings walked among us? Paranormal investigator and artist Colleen A. Coffman reveals a hidden world brimming with magic in her enchanting book, The Adventures of a Sketch Diary.

When strange occurrences began plaguing an old barn property cared for by Coffman's family, she discovered it was inhabited by supernatural forces. Her sketch diary documents firsthand encounters with these beings through over 40 meticulous drawings and stories.

Coffman gives glimpses of radiant faeries, mischievous spirits, wise elementals, and mystifying supernatural events. You'll peek behind the veil as she uncovers the secrets of glowing fairy rings, gets lost in a beautiful but disorienting forest, and dances with elf-like creatures under the moon.

Experience profound connections with angelic guides, eerie visitations from a banshee, and chilling run-ins with ominous shadows. Coffman even chronicles being asked to sketch dark entities in exchange for good behavior--and the creepy fulfillment of their promises.

The Adventures of a Sketch Diary invites you on a real-life journey into undiscovered realms few dare to believe in. Let Colleen Coffman captivate your imagination and open your mind to magical possibilities as she brings enchantment back into the world.