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Enhance Your Book With Our Immersive Book Technology

Are you an up-and-coming author looking to make a splash with your next book? Look no further than Hangar 1 Publishing! We've developed a groundbreaking technology to enhance your book - IBT, or Immersive Book Technology.

IBT takes your story to a whole new level. Readers are able to experience all the sights and sounds of your book with one quick flash of their phone. We embed QR codes throughout our IBT books, which can bring up audio, enhanced footage, author interviews, photographs, and more to life. It's an incredibly immersive reading experience like no other!

Make your book stand out from the crowd with Hangar 1 Publishing. Our IBT technology will give your readers an experience they won't forget and will keep them reading up and until the very last page. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you bring your book to life!

We are dedicated to getting your books distributed everywhere so you can be consistently found by new readers, even years from now.

We Invest the Time and Money, So You Don't Have to

The world of publishing has gotten complex, segmented, and time-consuming. With Hangar 1 Publishing, you can focus on what you do best... writing. Submit your information below to simplify your publishing needs and sell more books, maximizing your return for good storytelling.

We Do It All

  • Cover Design
  • Electronic Formatting
  • Print Formatting
  • Printing and Fulfillment
  • Social Media Placements and Posts
  • Publicity
  • International Distribution
  • ISBN
  • Reviews
  • Press
  • Series Design
  • Relaunching Old Series
  • Endorsements
  • TV Opportunities
  • Radio Podcast Bookings

We'll get your book to market fast. How fast? Faster than a Space-X rocket. Traditional publishers are bogged down in miles of red-tape, bureaucracy, and dated systems. We aren't.

Genres We Specialize In

We are primarily interested in recruiting authors that publish under these primary categories:

  • Cryptozoology
  • Paranormal
  • UFO Topics
  • Science
  • Mystery
  • Travel