The Bigfoot Influencers

The Bigfoot Influencers

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Compelling and Candid Conversations with Researchers, Scientists, and Investigators.

"I'm always struck by an eyewitness who will comment on the fact how amazingly rapidly this creature receded or climbed up a slope. There was one who said, 'it would have taken me forty-five minutes to get up to that ridge top. And this thing did it in ten'" - Dr. Jeff Meldrum

"It's a Mystery that hardly no one gives evidence and no one studies it… for the most part. When sightings happen, most people clam up. When evidence is presented, the scientists clam up." - Doug Hajicek

"The scientific method is about observation, that's where it begins. One begins with an observation and from that emerges some sort of hypothesis." - Daryl Colyer

"I'm more confident now about the Patterson Gimlin Film than when I was a 10 or 11-year-old back in the late 60s. That confidence is based on data and analysis, not just first impressions." - Dr. Jeff Meldrum

"The question of Bigfoot is a complicated one. All of science deals with reality, whether it's physics or chemistry, every science deals with it." - Dr. Esteban Sarmiento

"These anecdotes Span the entire globe, involving hundreds of different cultures explaining the same phenomenon by different names, so at some point you have to, even as a scientist, say, 'Well, there's got to be something.'" - Les Stroud