Tricksters and Angels: A Novel

Tricksters and Angels: A Novel

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A high-octane adventure in the style of Dan Brown. If you love the Da Vinci Code, you'll love this book.

"Tricksters and Angels" is a paranormal thriller that takes you on a journey to sacred sites to uncover the mystery of a new healing power. A power reminiscent of the healings produced by Jesus, but far beyond that of even Christ himself. Once a highly respected human geographer and expert in the healing energy of sacred sites, Jonathan Ramsey lost his way after one fateful day in Peru.

A day where he looked deep into the abyss, and it looked back at him. Since that day, he'd sworn off his quest to decode the hidden mysteries of sacred places until he gets a call for help from his old mentor. A call he can't refuse.

Now the question is, can he decipher the clues and unlock the mystery behind the disappearance of the healing power of a great sacred site in New Mexico? Or is he just an unwitting pawn by larger forces at work? Whatever happens, if this power falls into the wrong hands, it could change the world forever.