They: What Do They Want?

They: What Do They Want?

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They is a culmination of 59 years of experiences with ET's and other lifeforms, a true story that will truly mesmerize you.

Reading it will elevate your consciousness and maximize your exposure to truth. An unforgettable tale that'll burn into your synapses and leave you hungry for more.

Packed in the book are insightful illustrations of everything Dave has personally witnessed that are too wild to be made up and too real to be denied.

Go on this journey with Dave, and you'll learn what alien abductions are all about. He dives straight into the heart of the alien agenda.

Have aliens abducted you? Compare the high-strangeness in your life to Dave's lived-in personal experiences. The truth might shock you.

Haunting, gripping, packed full of mystery, and filled to the brim with a deep sense of spirituality.

They will leave you utterly spellbound. More importantly, it will prepare you for the inevitable disclosure of UFOs and ETs.