Angels and Supernatural Entities

Angels and Supernatural Entities

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Unlock the secrets of the supernatural world with "Angels and Supernatural Entities" by Dave Emmons. This comprehensive guide takes you on a journey into the fascinating realm of angels and spirit guides. You'll learn about the six different types of spirit guides that can help us in our lives, including Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Animals.

With captivating stories of angelic encounters and insightful advice on how to respond to paranormal activity, this book will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the powerful presence of these celestial beings in our lives. Discover the mysterious figure of Saint Germain and the potential spiritual plan for the United States, as well as the origins of fairies and the possibility of Biblical monsters existing in modern times.

Examine the connection between UFO sightings and angel sightings and explore the potential implications of the existence of aliens on Christianity. This book not only delves into the concept of angels in the Bible, but also explores the beliefs of ancient cultures such as the Chinese and Indians, and their connection to the supernatural world.

So, if you're ready to unlock the mysteries of the supernatural world and discover the powerful presence of angels and spirit guides in our lives, get your copy of "Angels and Supernatural Entities" today!