The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revisited

The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revisited

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Are aliens present on our planet in the form of Bigfoot?

People from all walks of life have reported contact experiences with aliens, Bigfoot, and other paranormal phenomena. These experiences are often life-changing and can provide a new perspective on the world around us and who we are as human beings.

Drawing on extensive research during the filming of multiple series and feature films, the authors provide a compelling new look at what has become known as the Skin Walker Ranch phenomenon. 

If you're looking for a book that will change how you think about Bigfoot, UAP's, portals, monsters, psi phenomena, animal mutilations, and apparitions, then this is for you.

This book is a continuation of the findings presented in the award-winning documentary feature The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed. You won't want to miss the new conclusions about aliens, and Bigfoot packed into the Bigfoot alien connection revisited.