The Unfamiliars

The Unfamiliars

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Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, a land of breathtaking beauty hides a darkness that whispers through the trees and watches from the shadows. In Tiffany S. Doran's enthralling novel, 'The Unfamiliars,' retired law enforcement officer Hardy Kilgore seeks the solitude of nature but instead stumbles upon mysteries that claw at the edges of his reality.

Hardy's dreams of a peaceful mountain life are upended by eerie calls in the night and sightings of creatures that should not exist. As he is drawn deeper into the Appalachian lore, he encounters an enigmatic bigfoot family and the indomitable Emma Jean, who stand as the last guardians of a world on the brink of unraveling.

When Hardy unearths an ancient book with the power to unveil—or conceal—the truth, he is thrust into a battle that blurs the lines between legend and nightmare. The mountains whisper of shapeshifters, spectral apparitions, and a malevolent force that seeks to tear through the fabric of their existence.

'The Unfamiliars' is a spine-tingling journey into the heart of Appalachian darkness, where every page turn lures you closer to secrets that are as ancient as the mountains themselves. Will Hardy heed the call of destiny and rise to protect the land he loves, or will he succumb to the unfathomable horrors that hunger for his soul?

Step into the unknown with 'The Unfamiliars' and brace yourself for a tale of suspense and the supernatural that will leave you questioning what lurks just beyond the veil of our world. Can you resist the call of the unfamiliars?