Frankie and Lola: Ice Cream Day

Frankie and Lola: Ice Cream Day

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Treat your little one to a delightful read-aloud they'll adore with the pawsome picture book "Frankie and Lola: Ice Cream Day." Animal loving kids will love joining these cute sibling cats on their playful adventures on a hot sunny day.

When Frankie and Lola set out for a bike ride around town, they don't know what fun surprises are in store for them. As the heat beats down, a familiar tune cheers them up - it's the jingling ice cream truck! Your child will giggle as the new friends savor their first cones together.

But the fun doesn't stop there. More feel-good moments are in store when Frankie and Lola make a new friend at the lake. Bursting with charm, this story captures all the special moments of childhood - trying new things, making connections, and embracing life's simple joys.

With adorable illustrations and endearing characters, little ones will want to snuggle up with "Frankie and Lola: Ice Cream Day" again and again. A heartwarming tale you and your child are sure to treasure.