Book Publishing Packages

Book Publishing Packages

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Features Starter Essential Plus Pro
 Package Price $1997  $4997  $9997 $14997 
 Author Royalty Percentage-of-Net Sales 25%
40% 70% 100%
 Paperback Publishing
 Worldwide Online Distribution
 ISBN Assignment
 Cover Design
 Professional Proofreading and Copy Edit
Digital Formatting & Distribution
 Amazon "Look Inside", Google, and Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly"
Metadata Book Listing Optimization 
 Book Video Trailer
 Exclusive Video Interview on the Untold Radio Network  ✘


Unlock Your Publishing Potential with Hangar 1 Publishing! 📚

Dear Aspiring Author,

Have you ever dreamt of holding your very own book? Seeing your name shining on the cover? Listening to the world marvel at your words? At Hangar 1 Publishing, we're not just in the business of publishing books; we're in the business of making dreams come true.

Whether you're a seasoned author or you're just starting, we offer a suite of tailored packages to fit your needs and budget.

Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Masterpiece:

STARTER - The Launchpad - Only $1,997

  • Enjoy a royalty of 25% on every sale.
  • Ideal for new authors looking to make a mark.

ESSENTIAL - Take Flight - Just $4,997

  • Boost your earnings with a royalty of 40%.
  • For the ambitious author ready to soar.

PLUS - High Altitude Dreams - A steal at $9,997

  • Skyrocket your income with 70% royalties.
  • Added Book Video Trailer for those who dream bigger.

PRO - The Pinnacle of Publishing - Premier Value at $14,997

  • Retain full profit with 100% royalties.
  • Exclusive Video Interview on the Untold Radio Network. Showcase the author behind the masterpiece.

All Packages Include:

  • Paperback Publishing: Feel the weight of your words.
  • Worldwide Online Distribution: Let the globe hear your voice.
  • ISBN Assignment: Cement your place in the literary world.
  • Cover Design: Ensure your book looks as good as it reads.
  • Professional Proofreading & Copy Edit: Polish till you shine.
  • Digital Formatting & Distribution: Seamless reading across devices.
  • Amazon "Look Inside", Google, and Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly": Tease your readers.
  • Metadata Book Listing Optimization: Get discovered effortlessly.

Your story deserves to be told. Your words deserve to be read. With Hangar 1 Publishing, you’re not just publishing a book; you’re launching a legacy.

Are You Ready to Fly High with Your Book? 🚀

Choose your package and let's embark on this literary journey together!

Elevate Your Book with Hangar 1 Publishing's Exclusive Add-Ons! 🌟

Every great story has layers, nuances, and moments that stick with the reader long after they've turned the last page. And in this digital age, there's no limit to how we can present, reshape, and amplify those moments. With Hangar 1 Publishing, you get the chance to revolutionize the way your book is experienced!

Unveiling Our Premier Add-Ons:

🎨 Interior Images - Just $1,497

  • Bring your narrative to life with vivid imagery! Add up to 50 images to visualize scenes, characters, or landscapes.

🔊 Audiobook Creation - Only $4,997

  • Let a professional voice narrate your tale. Reach audiences who crave stories on-the-go and tap into the booming audiobook market.

📘 Hardcover Book Formatting - A steal at $997

  • Give your book the premium touch it deserves with an elegant hardcover finish.

📱 Immersive Book Technology (IBT) - Just $1,497

  • Ready for an unmatched reading experience? Dive deep with our cutting-edge IBT.
    • Embed up to 20 QR codes throughout your book.
    • Seamless integration with audio, video, author interviews, photos, and more.
    • Transport your readers from mere reading to an unforgettable journey!
    • All media is hosted on our ultra-reliable servers – forever linked to your book.

Why Choose IBT? 🌐

In today's fast-paced digital world, readers are seeking new ways to engage with content. Our Immersive Book Technology (IBT) is not just an add-on, it's an evolution in storytelling. With IBT:

Readers dive deeper into the narrative. Seamlessly blending the tactile joy of traditional books with the multimedia potential of modern technology. Stand out in a crowded market with a unique reading experience. Timeless hosting ensures your content is forever accessible, never missing a beat.

Isn't it time your book offered more than just words? Let Hangar 1 Publishing amplify your story's heartbeat with these incredible add-ons.

Remember, every layer you add brings your story closer to the hearts of your readers.

Turn the page. Unfold the magic.