Glyphs and Stick Sign

Sasquatch Contactees will often try and describe sticks laying in a certain order in a certain place. These sticks can range in size and complexity, but generally, the "glyphs" are smaller sticks that lay atop one another in an almost familiar Runic shape. The OML would get many of these glyphs, mainly set near the metal shop where so much seemed directed. The mainstay of glyphs would be 4 small twigs that would vary in complexity. Altogether we found between 18-24 glyph symbols to chronicle. The use of large logs or trees stacked in ornate designs can be found around Sasquatch hotspots. These spots can be remote or nearby to a Sasquatch Contactee's property like this one. One fascinating thing to note, this particular "stick structure" was facing on our compass at a perfect due north near a small hidden waterway.