Air Strangeness

Darrell grew used to seeing strange lights moving above the ground or interacting with items he left out beside his game cam. *The lights that hovered above his house would swing erratically above the powerlines that weaved through the dense forest. Darrell would record these lights mainly at night from his backyard moving about and dropping smaller lights off the bottom of them like snowflakes.

One afternoon while Darrell was standing on his front deck he would see a white gliding and silent white propane tanked object move from east to west over his property

Lights that appear in the night are not always described as orbs. Some are rays of light and or shafts. This photo was taken by Darrell near the Owl Moon Lab after a friend with him heard something move around.

Darrell would go on to use his game cam more after I left the state. It was here when he caught a time-lapse of something in frame interacting with some gifted peanut butter stuck to a rubber glove. The only thing is the glove is picked up off the limb by an unseen force. Furthermore, a small rigid twig that cannot bend was seen bending on its own. Was this a moment of something cloaking and sneaking a look while bending light around the background? Yes, like The Predator.