Episode 42 – Justin – Director and Producer of the Documentary Wildman: My Search for Sasquatch

Show will premier July 14th, 2021

Justin is a filmmaker, photographer, and former wildland firefighter based out of Alberta, Canada. He is the director and producer of the documentary Wildman: My Search for Sasquatch, and also the creator of the Mountain Beast Mysteries YouTube channel, which focuses primarily on the Sasquatch topic.

Justin's fascination with Sasquatch began in his childhood when his father introduced him to the subject. Since then, his curiosity led him to the pursuit of the creature's discovery. Being a former outdoor guide and forestry worker, Justin has spent countless hours in the wilderness and is now more convinced than ever that the Sasquatch may, in fact, be a reality. Justin dedicates a large amount of his time venturing out into the mountains year-round in hopes of bringing in conclusive high-resolution video evidence of these mysterious creatures. As open-minded as Justin is on the possibilities of what the Sasquatch is, he still believes maintaining a level of skepticism is necessary when conducting research.