Episode 37 – Mike Heston Rogers – Involved in the Famous Travis Walton UFO Incident

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Mike Heston Rogers was involved in the Famous Travis Walton UFO incident. Mike was Travis Walton's Boss of the Timber Stand Improvement crew Snowflake AZ in 1975 when Travis Walton was seemingly taken aboard a strange unidentified UFO and was missing for days. In this Untold Radio AM Episode, we will hear Mike's unique take on what he saw, felt, and did that strange night and the tough days that followed. This was the most witnessed, investigated, and researched abductions in History.

Mike Heston Rogers was born in Snowflake, Arizona, on 4-4-1947, the year the UFO era began. Mike said he had an absolutely ideal childhood. His grandfather Rogers had a large farm and his grandfather Howard had a sizeable ranch, both on the West side of town. Mike graduated from Snowflake Union High and then started working in the nearby forest. 3 years later, he started college, but then regretfully got married. After 12 years and 6 kids and then divorcing, Mike finally went back to college off and on for many years. On Nov. 5th, 1975, he and 5 others, witnessed an object that apparently snatched Travis Walton away. In 1993 "Fire in the Sky" was made.

In 2019 Mike hosted a radio show for KGRA radio. All the rest in-between would take several volumes to tell. Mike also researches and is writing a book on "Natural Illusions." His amazing experiences will be shared on Untold Radio AM in this episode.