Episode 27 – Paul Herring – Cryptid Researcher and Former Police Officer

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Paul Herring is a former police officer that turned private investigator, now a Cryptid researcher.

Paul grew up in a small town in south Alabama and was intrigued by all things out of the ordinary from a very early age. He was particularly drawn to cryptid research due to growing up hearing his mother and his grandparents speak of seeing and hearing odd creatures.

His adventurous nature eventually led him to a 15-year career in law enforcement, where he worked patrol and later in CID (Criminal Investigations). He was trained in crime scene investigations, interview/interrogations, and evidence collection and later added to SWAT.

During this time, Paul met several like-minded officers who would eventually follow him on numerous off-duty adventures. They explored everything from caves, swamps and beyond, searching for possible cryptid evidence. Paul has advanced wilderness and urban survival skills and has hiked, kayaked, and explored “hotspot” for days on end, searching for cryptids.