Episode 2 – Steve Hsu – Professor of Theoretical Physics and Computational Mathematics

Listen to "Untold Radio AM: Director of the Institute of Theoretical Science. Dr. Stephen Hsu" on Spreaker.

In 1995, he became an assistant professor at Yale University before moving to the University of Oregon in 1998. He became a full professor of theoretical physics and Director of the Institute of Theoretical Science. Hsu's research has focused on several areas in particle physics and cosmology, including phase transitions in the early universe, the ground state of quark matter at high density, black holes and quantum information, minimum length from quantum gravity, dark energy, and quantum foundations.

Today he works using Artificial Intelligence and Genomics at the "Genomic Prediction" Lab to predict disease, amongst other critical human traits for IVF.  Listen to an in-depth interview with Stephen HSU, DNA Physicist. Our discussion will center around Crypto DNA and advancements that may solve such mysteries in the future.