What is the BFRO Field Researchers Organization?

What is the BFRO Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

By Jack Sullivan, Bigfoot Researcher


The legend of Bigfoot has captivated people for centuries. This mysterious, elusive creature is said to roam the forests of North America, evading clear detection despite thousands of reported sightings. For those who believe in the existence of Bigfoot, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) represents the premier collective dedicated to pursuing evidence and understanding. Founded in 1995, the BFRO brings together scientists, journalists, and specialists united by a shared mission – to resolve the enigma of Bigfoot through meticulous research and investigation.

The Genesis of the BFRO

Matt Moneymaker founded the BFRO after his own close encounter with a Bigfoot in Ohio in 1994 confirmed the reality of the creature for him. He envisioned an organization that could serve as a hub for Bigfoot research, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to collaborate. Today, the BFRO remains the oldest and largest network focused on studying the Bigfoot phenomenon through an ethical, scientific lens.

The BFRO's Multifaceted Approach

The BFRO seeks to prove Bigfoot's existence through extensive fieldwork, laboratory studies, and organized expeditions to areas known for Bigfoot activity. They abide by a strict no-kill policy, committed to protecting the species. The organization also promotes public awareness and understanding of Bigfoot evidence using outreach, education, and community engagement. Their multifaceted approach reflects a passion for unraveling the mystery through rigorous empirical research.

The Sightings Database

Central to the BFRO's work is their comprehensive database of credible Bigfoot sightings and related reports. Drawing from an all-volunteer network across North America, the BFRO collects, investigates, and verifies eyewitness accounts using robust protocols. The database categorizes reports into Class A, B, or C based on the potential for misinterpretation. This wealth of data aids in identifying patterns and informing field research priorities.

Expeditions and Evidence Gathering

BFRO expeditions are the core of their evidence-gathering activities. Participants are brought to locations with a history of Bigfoot activity, where nighttime encounters are most likely to occur. Advanced technologies like thermal imaging cameras are used to maximize the potential for capturing proof on these immersive, scientific forays into the elusive creature's territory. Notable findings over the years include tracks, vocal recordings, and thermal images of mysterious figures in the darkness.

Community and Technology

The BFRO fosters a community of Bigfoot believers and researchers through their website, social media, and official app. These platforms allow enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, and contribute to the collective understanding of the species. Ongoing technological developments also provide new tools for evidence collection that enhance the quest, from audio recorders to drone videography.

Addressing Skepticism

Despite compelling eyewitness accounts and tantalizing evidence, mainstream science continues to be skeptical of Bigfoot's existence. The BFRO meets this skepticism head-on by emphasizing scientific rigor, careful authentication of data, and reasoned counter-arguments. They acknowledge that definitive proof remains elusive, but stand firm in their conviction that the aggregate of evidence points to an extant species, not myth or hoax.

The Search Continues

For over 25 years, the BFRO has been at the forefront of the search for conclusive proof of Bigfoot. Their professional, ethical approach has expanded scientific knowledge and brought credibility to this controversial field of study. As the organization continues to uncover clues and strange encounters, their pioneering work reminds us that enduring mysteries have yet to yield their secrets to patient, open-minded researchers. The BFRO's expedition into the unknown continues, fueled by curiosity, passion, and the collective quest for answers.


In summary, this overview provides a window into the BFRO's origins, methods, activities, and impact as the leading organization dedicated to pursuing the reality of Bigfoot. Their multifaceted approach, use of technology, and community-building efforts offer a model for cryptozoological research. While definitive evidence remains elusive, the BFRO exemplifies the scientific pursuit of legendary creatures and demonstrates that enduring mysteries still warrant deep exploration. Their work continues to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding regarding this iconic, controversial figure of folklore and fascination.

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