Wes Germer: From Skeptic to Bigfoot Believer

Wes Germer

By Jack Sullivan, Bigfoot Researcher


The world of Bigfoot is filled with colorful characters, from serious researchers to enthusiastic hobbyists. But few have made an impact like Wes Germer, a man whose journey transformed him from staunch skeptic to leading voice in the Bigfoot community. Through his podcast "Sasquatch Chronicles," Wes has created a platform that allows people to share their encounters with the elusive creature without fear of ridicule. His own harrowing experience became the genesis for a sanctuary where others could find belief and understanding.

Wes's influence reaches far beyond his show, shaping the culture and discourse in the greater Bigfoot world. Despite controversies surrounding his own sighting, he has remained committed to an open and empathetic exploration of this phenomenon. For me, Wes represents the best of the Bigfoot community - curious, compassionate, and dedicated to uncovering the truth behind this enduring mystery. In many ways, his evolution has mirrored my own, as personal experience opened our eyes to possibilities beyond what we once thought we knew.

The Catalyst: Yacoult Mountain Encounter

By his own admission, Wes Germer was once a skeptic when it came to the existence of Bigfoot. A native of Texas, he had heard the legends and stories but chalked it up to overactive imaginations. That all changed on a fateful night in the woods of Washington State's Yacoult Mountain.

On November 15, 2012, Wes and his brother Woody were driving late at night on the mountain's remote backroads. Pulling their vehicle over, the two began to talk and reflect, still mourning a recent loss in their family. But their conversation was interrupted by heavy footsteps and breathing noises coming from the darkness. Squinting into the night, they were horrified to see large, shadowy figures surrounding their car. Wes described a giant creature mere yards away, its face illuminated by moonlight. Long arms, massive shoulders, and dexterous fingers were also visible according to the terrified brothers.

The being seemed to pace and stomp aggressively, as if challenging the men. Wes and Woody sat paralyzed, clutching their firearms but too afraid to use them. How long this standoff lasted is unclear, but eventually the creatures seemed to melt away into the forest. The brothers sped off, shaken to their core but now forever changed. They knew this was no bear or ordinary wildlife. They had witnessed something unexplainable, and their worldview would never be the same.

In the aftermath, Wes felt compelled to speak out about what he saw. He contacted the Washington Sasquatch Research Team the very next day to report the incident. This would be the genesis of the "Sasquatch Chronicles" podcast, as Wes sought to create a platform where others' encounters could be shared without fear of ridicule. A place for witnesses and believers to feel heard and understood. Wes had crossed over from skepticism to advocacy.

Facing Controversy Head-On

As Wes Germer's profile grew, so too did the scrutiny surrounding his experience on Yacoult Mountain. Several inconsistencies were pointed out, most notably the phase of the moon that night. Wes had described bright moonlight illuminating the creature's features, but records showed little to no moon visible on November 15th. Other discrepancies involved the weather conditions and lack of physical evidence found by researchers who later investigated the site.

For some, these inconsistencies were enough to cast doubt on the entire encounter. But Wes faced the criticism head-on, leaning into the controversy rather than shying away. On his show, he clarified details and owned up to any mistaken recollections. But he stood by the core of his story. As someone who was once skeptical himself, Wes understood the natural human urge to pick apart and dismiss the unbelievable. But he had seen something extraordinary on that mountain, and wouldn't let skeptics strip away what he knew to be true.

If anything, the backlash only strengthened Wes's resolve to provide a platform for other eyewitnesses through "Sasquatch Chronicles." Controversy fueled his mission to create a space where people could share their stories without judgment. And the more doubt he faced, the harder he fought to uphold the integrity of his show and what it represented. Out of controversy emerged a community united by belief.

Building a Community Platform

When it began back in 2013, "Sasquatch Chronicles" was simply a way for Wes Germer to tell his own harrowing encounter in the Washington woods. But it quickly took on a life of its own, becoming a community hub for all those seeking solace and understanding. Wes demonstrated an incredible gift for interviewing eyewitnesses, conveying deep empathy and never condescension. This set the perfect tone for others to share vulnerable stories of their own bizarre experiences.

No two Bigfoot encounters are exactly alike, and Wes welcomes the full spectrum on his show. From frightening close encounters to more benign observations, he understands that this phenomenon takes many forms. But all guests are treated with the same compassion and respect. Wes allows them to tell their stories in their own words, asking thoughtful questions but never doubting their honesty. This provides enormous comfort to those who have felt ridiculed or dismissed by loved ones.

Wes also embraces the diversity of perspectives within the Bigfoot community. He gives equal airtime to various theories, from Bigfoot as primate, to paranormal entity, to psychic projection. No reasonable possibility is off the table. This open and inclusive environment has forged an incredible sense of community among fans of the show. They may not agree on the explanations, but here they find a place where their experiences are real.

Beyond Bigfoot: Expanding the Conversation

While "Sasquatch Chronicles" began squarely focused on Bigfoot, Wes Germer has never felt confined by that lens. His show explores the full landscape of cryptids and paranormal phenomena. He draws connections between Bigfoot and other mysterious entities like Dogman, making sense of the unexplainable. Wes also tackles conspiracy theories related to government knowledge and cover-ups regarding such creatures.

Some in the Bigfoot community bristle at these expansions beyond the core subject. But in reality, they enrich the conversation and appeal to the innate human curiosity that fuels enthusiasts like myself. Bigfoot does not exist in a vacuum. Other unexplained phenomena deserve examination, and likely hold clues to a broader truth we have yet to uncover. With an open mind and intrepid spirit, Wes guides us on this journey without pretense of having all the answers. There are no limits to exploration.

By broadening the show's scope, Wes makes clear that "Sasquatch Chronicles" is not just about Bigfoot. It's about possibility. It's about embracing our ignorance. And it's about giving people permission to believe in a reality far more magical than often assumed. Wes tears down the walls between the paranormal and normal. It's all part of the same mystical tapestry that we are only beginning to understand.

The Influence and Impact of Wes Germer

The contributions of Wes Germer to both the Bigfoot community and the culture of belief are impossible to overstate. Through "Sasquatch Chronicles," he has created a phenomenon within a phenomenon. What began as a personal account of his own Bigfoot sighting has grown into the lifeblood of an entire community. Wes's influence can be measured in many ways:

  • He provides a platform for eyewitnesses to be heard, taken seriously, and find support. This facilitates more open and rigorous research.
  • He promotes a climate of empathy, inclusion, and constructive discussion. This brings cohesion and progress to a community easily torn apart by infighting.
  • He connects researchers and investigators, forging collaborations and sharing of resources that strengthen the broader mission.
  • He draws mainstream interest and new enthusiasts into the subject through compelling storytelling and content. Bigfoot is ushered from the fringes toward the mainstream.
  • He takes an open-minded approach that expands beyond Bigfoot, legitimizing other paranormal pursuits and connections between phenomena.
  • He encourages professional, evidence-based research, but also embraces questions beyond our current scientific paradigms. This two-pronged approach brings balance.

In essence, Wes Germer has nurtured the very heart of Bigfoot culture. Not through aggressive persuasion or self-promotion. But through compassion, curiosity, and a recognition that we are all students when it comes to the unexplained mysteries of our world.

Personal Transformation and Legacy

When reflecting on his unlikely path from skeptic to Bigfoot believer, Wes Germer is humble about the personal transformation brought on by his otherworldly encounter. He notes that the experience left him feeling rattled and vulnerable, uncertain of what to believe. But over time, his fear gave way to a sense of profound awe at the wonders our world still holds. He regained the childlike sense of fascination that years of adult cynicism had eroded away.

Wes is also deeply grateful for the special community that has blossomed around "Sasquatch Chronicles." The show has given him purpose, connected him with fellow explorers, and shown him the power of open-mindedness. He has found that when we share our stories - no matter how unbelievable - we realize we are never truly alone.

As for his legacy, Wes shies away from self-importance. In his mind, he is just a conduit for something much bigger - a small part of the eternal human quest for truth. But his influence is undeniable. Through "Sasquatch Chronicles," Wes Germer has indelibly shaped the course of the Bigfoot community. And he has lit a beacon for all those who seek to understand the mysteries at the edges of human knowledge. Wherever the saga of Bigfoot goes from here, Wes will be forever recognized as a driving force in its revelation.


In many ways, Wes Germer's evolution from staunch skeptic to leading Bigfoot advocate mirrors the story of Bigfoot itself. His world was rocked by an unexpected encounter that upended everything he thought he knew. Out of this rupture in reality emerged a mission to open minds, build community, and rewrite the boundaries of the possible.

"Sasquatch Chronicles" will forever be linked with Wes's name, but its impact reaches far beyond one man. It has connected a dispersed community, provided comfort to countless witnesses, and stoked enthusiasm in future generations. Despite controversy, Wes stays true to his belief and continues shining a light into the darkness where mysteries dwell.

His journey is a testament to the power of personal experience to shake us from our assumptions. It's a reminder to stay humble in the face of all we cannot explain. And it's a call to bring compassion, imagination, and unity to the search for answers. Wes Germer's story gives me hope that, in time, even the most enduring enigmas may step out of the shadows and into the light of understanding. When that day comes, we will have curious souls like Wes to thank for extending a hand into the unknown.

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