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The Sasquatch in Minnesota

Early Minnesota Bigfoot Sightings in The Land of 10,000 Lakes

By Mike Quast

This book tells the story of my own investigations in my home state of Minnesota.

Every report that I am personally aware of at this time for Minnesota and the Dakotas is included here. Many are of a more-or-less conventional nature (man sees sasquatch, sasquatch runs away) while others are downright bizarre, but all are true to the best of my knowledge, and I believe they prove the existence of the beast I saw along that forest highway all those years ago.

Sasquatch Central

High Strangeness at a Northern Minnesota Homestead

By Mike Quast

I have been a Bigfoot researcher in the state of Minnesota for over 30 years, dedicated to the pursuit of a giant hairy upright walking manlike or apelike creature that keeps being encountered by scores of people year after year but has even more people scoffing and insisting that it can not and does not exist.

What a surprise it was near the end of 2019 to find that there was a place in Minnesota a three hours’ drive from my home in the city of Moorhead (sister city to Fargo, North Dakota) where there was reported to be a consistent and perhaps even permanent Bigfoot presence within a few square miles of private property.

Hands down, it quickly became the single most intense Bigfoot case I have ever investigated. This is the story of my first-hand experiences, interviews with witnesses, and subsequent research that would follow from these encounters.

I have been a Bigfoot researcher in the state of Minnesota for over 30 years, dedicated to the pursuit of a giant hairy upright walking manlike or apelike creature that keeps being encountered by scores of people year after year but has even more people scoffing and insisting that it can not and does not exist.

Mike Quast

A History of Claims for the Sasquatch on Film

Bigfoot's Caught on Film Continue to Intrigue Us, But Can We Learn Anything From These Images

By Mike Quast

This book is a representation of every visual image I have been able to acquire that has been claimed as evidence of the sasquatch at one time or another. Many more filming cases are presented in written form only where the picture described was unavailable. Every last case involving filming that is personally known to me at this time is included here, though I’m sure there are still more that have eluded me.

I have included the opinions of both myself and others about these pictures, but in the end, it is you who must decide - is the photographic medium convincing enough to act as final proof for the existence of sasquatch? Some say yes, while others insist that only a body dead or alive will be acceptable. But either way, I have always had one all-encompassing viewpoint when it comes to photos and films of any unexplained phenomenon, including sasquatch: In the long run, if they're not good enough to act as the final proof... does it really matter if they’re real or fake?

Bigfoot Chronicles

A Researcher's Continuing Journey Through Minnesota and Beyond

By Mike Quast

In this book, I will present a memoir of the continuation of a Minnesota Bigfoot researcher's 30-year journey since the publication of my last books, as well as my thoughts and observations on other aspects of the whole Bigfoot field.

There is a chapter on the Minnesota Iceman case, which actually has only a tenuous connection to the state but which I felt it my responsibility to investigate, and also one on the famous California Patterson-Gimlin film which I am fascinated with and have delved into because of my deep interest in Bigfoot photos and films even though I am an outsider.

I hope you, the reader, will both enjoy this account and be able to learn something.

The Owl Moon Lab

A Paranormal Experiment

By Tobe Johnson

A book that not only takes you into the world of a clan of Sasquatch residing beside a haunted homestead, but a true account that plunges you down the rabbit hole of paranormal.

The Owl Moon Lab book is fully immersive for the reader to relive as an interactive audio, video companion.

With over 40 attached links inserted into the pages, you can read along with immediate access to this strange tale. Hear, see and feel the incredible evidence that Sasquatch IS connected to the paranormal.

  • Hear never before suspected Sasquatch vocalizations and language.
    See the historic track finds of presumed Sasquatch tracks, handprints, hair collection, DNA collection, and the casting of the Owl Moon Knee Impressions.
    Hear crystal clear EVPS.
    Watch and listen to eyewitnesses testimony of the landowners, Darrell and Cindy Adams.

This saga of the supernatural will surely challenge the typical narrative that Sasquatch is strange enough. Not hardly!

Tricksters & Angels

A Novel

By Ronald C. Meyer and Mark Reeder

A high-octane adventure in the style of Dan Brown. If you love the Da Vinci Code, you'll love this book.

"Tricksters and Angels" is a paranormal thriller that takes you on a journey to sacred sites to uncover the mystery of a new healing power. A power reminiscent of the healings produced by Jesus, but far beyond that of even Christ himself. Once a highly respected human geographer and expert in the healing energy of sacred sites, Jonathan Ramsey lost his way after one fateful day in Peru.

A day where he looked deep into the abyss, and it looked back at him. Since that day, he'd sworn off his quest to decode the hidden mysteries of sacred places until he gets a call for help from his old mentor. A call he can't refuse.

Now the question is, can he decipher the clues and unlock the mystery behind the disappearance of the healing power of a great sacred site in New Mexico? Or is he just an unwitting pawn by larger forces at work? Whatever happens, if this power falls into the wrong hands, it could change the world forever.

Aliens 2035

The End of Technology

By Ronald C. Meyer and Mark Reeder

A riveting sci-fi thriller that takes the reader into the heart of the dangers of alien intelligence's already among us.

What starts out as a fight against a Russian oligarch by Michigan's Upper Peninsula Potawatomi Indian tribe to help the Bigfoot take their next evolutionary leap turns into a deadly battle between extraterrestrial entities for control of the Bigfoot's supernatural powers of interdimensional travel. A diverse team of American investigators led by tribal leader Larry Redhawk must shield both Bigfoot and human civilizations from competing non-human intelligences, or humanity will be thrown back into a technological dark age.

Alexandra and the Moonlight Caper

A Novel

Alexandra and her two bestest friends Ryker and Chunks, set out to prove that their new teacher Miss Witchner is indeed a real Witch and has kidnapped their teacher Mrs. Bristol in an attempt to take over their class, the school, and eventually the world! Alexandra and the Moonlight Caper is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, what's-happening-next adventure.

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