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When Karl Conrad uncovers his grandfather's shocking past after inheriting his estate, he finds himself pulled into a high-stakes quest for justice - and a race to stop sinister forces from unleashing unspeakable evil.

Karl teams up with the alluring real estate agent Jessica to return long-lost artifacts to their rightful owners. But neo-Nazi zealots are determined to keep Karl from exposing dark secrets that could upend the world order.

Ratliner is a gripping novel of suspense, passion, and redemption. As Karl and Jessica crisscross the country to unravel a mystery, desire ignites even as danger closes in. Can stolen treasures from the past find their way home? Who can Karl trust when his own flesh and blood betrayed humanity?

H. Bacon masterfully blends edge-of-your seat thrills with vivid history in this powerful redemption story. Ratliner will keep you guessing until the final page. For readers of adventure, mystery, and second chances, this top-rated book is one you won't want to miss!